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Sadness Is An Addiction Too


When you’ve lived one sort of life for so long, it’s hard to start anew.

I got my wish two years ago, for a better life with less pain and struggle. But instead of making myself better for it, I lost all the strength that I’d been grasping tightly for so many years. I didn’t know what to do with myself any longer. I had been holding on, and for the first time I let go, and I found myself spiraling.

It was like nothing bad had ever happened. I felt that if I was lucky enough to escape the cause of my pain, I  should just be grateful and happy. But it had happened, and I wasn’t the same now that I was on the other side of it.

I am speaking in vague terms, so as not to upset those that caused my pain, as all I ever wanted was for them to make it through their own personal struggles. However, as they overcome their addictions, I developed one of my own. An addiction to sadness. attractive-1867127_640